Music with older people

Improvised music project in a care home in Brighton, Dec 2013

I often visit local nursing homes to encourage older people to enjoy music, which is a mutually rewarding experience and very inspiring. Please take a look at the gallery below to get an insight into the music workshops…

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Express, release & relax with creative vocal improvisation, harmony singing & sounding

SVP logo-mandala2.0

This playful, friendly group explores the voice as a tool for creative self-expression, connection & deep relaxation. Consciously playing with sound & voice enables the expression and release of feelings, stress and inner clutter, benefiting our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

Starting full of whatever we bring in to the session, we travel together on a light-hearted journey into sound, song, rhythm & silence. This active vocal workout helps us...

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Community choirs

Vocality Community choir

I have worked with several community groups and choirs in Brighton and Hove, including Vocality community choir, singers anonymous community choir and various music festivals and retreats.

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