Music with older people

Improvised music project in a care home in Brighton, Dec 2013

I  have been working in local care homes since 2009, encouraging older people to participate in singing and music-making.  This includes homes caring for people with dementia. Singing and improvising with instruments brings joy, creative expression, and physical activity and creates a strong feeling of community.

With singing, I provide the accompaniment on acoustic guitar and we sing just about anything ! Traditional songs, popular hits from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, spirituals and anything that brings a smile to our faces and gets the participants clapping along. They often spontaneously remember songs from days gone by and I’m always open to creative musical happenings. Care staff are very much included and often help out by handing out printed words.

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Express, release & relax with creative vocal improvisation, harmony singing & sounding

SVP logo-mandala2.0

This playful, friendly group explores the voice as a tool for creative self-expression, connection & deep relaxation. Consciously playing with sound & voice enables the expression and release of feelings, stress and inner clutter, benefiting our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

Starting full of whatever we bring in to the session, we travel together on a light-hearted journey into sound, song, rhythm & silence. This active vocal workout helps us...

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Community choirs

Vocality Community choir

I have worked with several community groups and choirs in Brighton and Hove, including Vocality community choir, singers anonymous community choir and various music festivals and retreats.

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