Singing lessons


Singing is an energising feel-good activity offering many benefits, yet also requiring work on mind, body & spirit. Anyone can learn to sing, and the more committed you are, the faster you’ll progress !

My teaching draws upon 25 years of vocal experience and training. I specialise in coaching beginners and uncertain singers for  fun, pleasure and creativity. My main tool is tons of support and encouragement, and a relaxed, non-judgemental attitude.

Singing lessons Brighton

Vocality Community choir, Brighton 2012

I teach the fundamentals, which apply to any musical genre: breathing, body and energy awareness, listening, technique, improvisation and exercises to develop range, flexibility, power, articulation and tone. I accompany on piano or guitar, I  can suggest songs, or bring your own.

More experienced singers can benefit from training in general musicianship, ear training, improvisation, rhythm and theory.


Also, attitude, confidence and developing a sense of your energy and presence are vital to developing vocal power and freedom of expression.

Singing tuition Brighton

Singers Anonymous community choir at the Streets of Brighton Festival 2001

Some details…

  • Every lesson I give is different and ‘student-centred’ i.e. based around your level of experience, learning needs and interests. If you’re not sure what you need in terms of tuition, we can start a journey of discovery to find out !
  • We can also use the piano, percussion and recording equipment as part of the lesson.
  • I can accompany you on guitar, piano or percussion
  • I’ll teach anyone who wants to learn, ages 5 – 80 !!
  • Please contact me for rates and special offers. Discounts for committed students.
  • Lessons take place in Poets Corner, off the Portland Rd, Hove, E. Sussex BN3 5HA.



“I did to one singing lessons with Philip to discover my voice and get rid of fear I have been experiencing in relation to singing.

I found Philip a wonderful teacher. Gentle, but encouraging and playful, with great patience.  He has made me feel completely safe, welcomed any sound I made, providing a space for my own exploration. It has been valuable journey of self discovery and openness, personally and physically. Every time I left a session I felt my lungs tingling with a new energy and my soul felt joyful and pleased about the progress I was experiencing.

Philip is highly skilled and professional musician and teacher and his teaching style is encouraging and inspirational. He has been an amazing guide to finding my voice and I am deeply grateful that he has opened the wide door to the appreciation of music for me, guiding me not only how to sing, but also how to listen. 

I highly recommend Philip to anyone wanting to improve their singing abilities or  to begin the challenge of loosing the old beliefs about not being able to sing. You will be astonished by your own ability. Thank you Philip for helping me to trust my voice.”

Lutzie, 2014

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School voice workshop, Elgin Macbeth Project, Highlands, Scotland, 2007.

School voice workshop, Elgin Macbeth Project, Highlands, Scotland, 2007.