About Life Music

Philip Milburn is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer and community musician. He uses sound, voice, rhythm and music in a holistic way to help people to express themselves, explore their creative process and build relationships. Group singing, voicework, drumming and music-making are naturally healing, and because they are playshops rather than workshops, you can relax, let go, express yourself, have fun & play with a group of kindred spirits !

Healing comes through a personal and group process of connection and self-expression, which can help you to change your energy, release old feelings, stress and mental clutter, to energise your body with breath and movement and journey to a beautiful place of stillness and inner peace. Philip’s experience of music and personal growth supports participants in developing a strong sense of achievement, the building of confidence and a wonderful feeling of well – being as part of a creative musical community. Group singing and music-making is exhilarating !

Groups are open to anyone who wants to be there and you do not need any prior experience or musical training. Come and join the fun !

Life Music holistic playshops have evolved over many years of study and experimentation…by taking part you will be helping a new and informal approach to music teaching to evolve.

As one participant said, “I felt part of a growing form of expression…” Group exercises are specifically designed to give people of all levels of musical ability and experience the  opportunity for creative self expression. You can develop personally and musically while having a good time with like-minded people ! And there is a great deal of spontaneity – we will often wander off down unplanned musical paths together in response to the energy flow of the group…

Playing and creating music, singing and exploring your voice are not just for those with a special gift; not just for those who study at college for years on end; nor is music just for listening to on CD’s….


The aims of Life Music are based on the principles of Community Music:
• creativity • self-expression • participation •
• communication • social inclusion • lifelong learning • personal development and fun !

Although workshops focus primarily on practical voicework and music-making, engaging with your creative process can naturally bring up personal and emotional issues. Hence, there is a supportive undercurrent of attention to personal and spiritual  growth which creates a safe environment for you to become aware of, then gradually loosen up and let go of  blocks to your creativity. You can gently open up in your own time, in your own way, expanding your level of self-expression, enjoying new musical experiences and uniting with others who are also following their natural desire for self-expression.

Many people also experience a strong spiritual connection, as group work using sound, voice, rhythm and music can provide a powerful link to our inner world. The spiritual element and healing benefits of this work can be very powerful and this aspect is developing and deepening all the time…

Step onto the musical path – dive in and discover yourself in a whole new musical world which you may never have experienced before !