Below are a selection of testimonials from people who have attended previous workshops and lessons

“You’re an excellent teacher; inspiring, alive, intuitive and well skilled. You give an open space in which people can fully express themselves.”

“Thanks for the chance for doing what is in our heart and making such wonderful musical happiness.”

“The music of life made its presence felt as through our mind fear of failing melted. In our collective Spirit we rejoiced at the sound of our voice, and instruments. To my surprise the day was condensed into a moment, a series of letting go opportunities amongst a spontaneous combustion of thought, feeling and creativity…”

“I really love coming here. It is the highlight of my week… the opportunity to use voice and sing is so moving and exciting for me, because my musical, and particularly, vocal confidence was destroyed when I was forced to study music in a traditional, daunting and humiliating way at school. After a few sessions of coming to these workshops, I have already sung solo, and my confidence in singing with others – and my belief that I can do so – is growing week by week. I so look forward to coming here. The people who come are remarkable, and gel in an atmosphere of sensitivity, friendliness and respect… Your leading of the group is remarkable, showing both technical talent, a range of innovative ideas, a clear and radical vision and the ability to put it into practise, and a wonderful, subtle way of guiding the group.”

“I took the plunge, played the drums and other instruments with confidence and really felt I made a breakthrough, as this was the first time I had played in a group situation, so I thank you for that. I also, throughout all the sessions, have really appreciated singing my songs and have  got a lot out of this, have increased my confidence, got good feedback & feel inspired to write more.”

“It was wonderful being able to express myself, thoughts and emotions through music – using the voice and instruments sensitively, passionately, madly, with fun… I left the workshop feeling very present, very in the moment. I felt a real sense of connection with all the other people as we were part of each other’s musical journey and expressiveness. Thank you Philip for making it so special.”

“I felt wonderful !!! The experience was a holistic and true one, which allowed me to feel a real sense of connection. I learnt more about myself and about the intimate connection I have with everybody else.”