Community choirs

Brighton voice groups

When: Saturdays  1115 – 1300. Please e-mail / text for dates & full address

Venue: Ruskin Rd, Hove BN3 5HA

Cost: £8 on the door (pls book by txt/e-mail)
£6 in advance (via PayPal via the Meetup Group)

A vocal process of connecting with yourself and others, expressing, releasing and relaxing into a delicious state of deep meditation :)

An active sound and voice journey using singing • vocalising • toning • chanting •...

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Voice Playshops, London

Do you sing in, or out of tune … in the shower, in the car or by the sea, or when you think no one is listening ! ! ? ? Or do you enjoy singing and expressing yourself freely whenever you get the chance ? Would you love to do more of it and explore different ways of using your voice … but without the constraints of being in a choir where you have to do what you’re told all the time and have limited freedom ?

…. Excellent ! You have just qualified to join...

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Community choirs

I have worked with several community groups and choirs in Brighton and Hove, including Vocality community choir, singers anonymous community choir and various music festivals and retreats.

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Community projects

Elgin Macbeth in Elgin Cathedral, 2006 – National Theatre of Scotland

Vocality Brighton station

Vocality Community choir flashmob, Brighton station, 2011


Dialog Project, West Sussex, 2009


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