Voice Playshops, London

Do you sing in, or out of tune … in the shower, in the car or by the sea, or when you think no one is listening ! ! ? ? Or do you enjoy singing and expressing yourself freely whenever you get the chance ? Would you love to do more of it and explore different ways of using your voice … but without the constraints of being in a choir where you have to do what you’re told all the time and have limited freedom ?

…. Excellent ! You have just qualified to join Singers Anonymous – a shady group of sort-of singers who gather in secret to practise their passion for vocalising, warbling, croaking, howling, wailing … and singing ! Trouble is, many people discover that they enjoy it more than they thought they would – and most discover that they are much better than they say they are (not that you need to be good to come) ! After a while, if you come regularly, you might get addicted and have to keep coming to the group to get support with the healthiest addiction we know ! Singing !

Come and join our playshops where you can safely explore your voice in the company of like-hearted singers and vocalisers.

To book , visit: http://www.meetup.com/SingersAnonymousLondon/

Some of the aims of the session are to:

  • express yourself with sound, song, rhythm and a bit of movement
  • explore the beauty, wonder and emotional release of vocal expression
  • sing a range of songs from all musical genres and cultures, styles and moods
  • create a flowing community of vocalisers who come together to have fun
  • be creative, communicate, express and release the stress of everyday life
  • practise listening, expressing and communicating


Sessions flow with the group dynamic. Physical warm-ups energise the body, breathing exercises relax you, while chanting, singing and spontaneous sound-making bring the group together. Improvisation with sound & song create an ever-changing sea of harmony, rhythm & melody, with freedom to discover & explore your voice and contribute your unique expression to the group sound.

Healing from group singing & voicework comes from:

  • relaxing, lowering your defences and letting go of the outside world for a while,
  • expressing feelings from different parts of yourself
  • energising your body with breath and movement
  • sharing sound vibrations
  • connecting with a group of kindred spirits.
  • transforming your energy, releasing stress and mental clutter
  • learning about yourself, your challenges, your creativity and about how to get out of your own way and release your voice.
  • melting shyness and building confidence.

Singers Anonymous is a safe, informal group of vocalisers who enjoy sound, voice, rhythm and music to release stress, clear the mind and build community. It’s not a choir, but a playshop, with exercises, improvisations and songs blending into a rich mix of creative sound. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, energised and uplifted, with mind and body still and peaceful. It’s deep, and fun.

  • Open to all levels of experience, ‘beginners’ are especially welcome.
  • It’s about participation in a group, rather than individual performance.
  • Uncertain singers can remain anonymous until your confidence grows, while more experienced vocalisers can shine in a supportive group.
  • I balance musical and vocal awareness and discipline with the freedom to discover and explore your own, unique expression.

In a typical session we will do:

  • stretches, movement & breathing to loosen and energise the body.
  • voice warm-ups to develop technique, creativity, flexibility & power
  • free improvisation and sound-making to express our feelings bring the group together. We also sing simple songs and improvise with them
  • toning, sound meditations, sacred chants and world music from different traditions, countries and cultures – deep, beautiful & entrancing
  • group harmony singing – popular songs from any genre or era: Jazz, Pop, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Spirituals, Folk, 50’s, 60’s,70’s. Any kind of music which is energising, calming, inspiring, fun, beautiful, happy or uplifting !

It’s an opportunity to learn about energy and creativity and about getting into a flow of listening, responding, communicating and expressing different parts of yourself via spontaneous and meaningful musical interactions.

Singers Anonymous is about more than singing & voicework; it’s about using your voice as a tool for personal growth & creative self-expression. Each individual voice in a group of kindred spirits contributes to the whole sound community, creating a healing vocal workout for mind, body and spirit.

Contact: Philip Milburn. 07966 536180. 01273 779950. philip@lifemusic.org.uk
Advance booking by e-mail or text. Info on other workshops: please e-mail.

About the tutor:

Philip Milburn is an experienced music tutor, singer, multi-instrumentalist and community musician, currently studying for an MA in Participatory & Community Arts. He trained at Goldsmiths College, the Findhorn Foundation and with many different voice teachers. Singers Anon has been running for 13 years in London & Brighton.