Music tuition

I am a trained musician, but not over-trained ! I have teaching qualifications which just arm me with more techniques, approaches and experience with which to inspire you !

Why study with me?

Come and play !I have been teaching music to adults and children for 20 years. I am a multi-instrumental musician, equally happy strummin’ a guitar, singin’ a song, plonkin’ on the piano or bangin’ a drum. This gives me a unique perspective on the nuts and bolts of music which I pass on to every student, giving you a breadth of knowledge and experience which will prepare you for future musical study and creative projects.

Enjoyment and creativity come first, and I teach the simple pleasures of playing music with the hands, and the senses … technology can come later !

For those who want to write songs and compose music, I can guide you through your creative process.

I offer:

  • A friendly, flexible, informal teaching style with the emphasis on enjoyment, relaxation, creativity and self expression rather than exams and formal study (although this is also possible).
  • Lessons are tailored specially to suit each individual’s interests, goals &  learning needs.
  • A holistic approach encourages the development of personal qualities such as creativity, patience, confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude to learning.
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • I like to have a chat on the phone before your first lesson to ensure that I am the right teacher for you and so that I understand what you are looking for
  • I am an intuitive teacher and I ‘tune in’ to each individual’s  interests, needs and challenges, and proceed from there.
  • No lesson is ever the same – I go with the flow and teach you what you want and need to know. I am spontaneous, a good listener, and respond to you at all times !
  • My no.1 aim is for you to enjoy your lessons !
  • If you want to learn a specific kind music or song by a particular artist, you can bring in CD’s or e-mail me a link to your favourite music and I can work it out for you, or prepare material for your next lesson.