Guitar lessons

I have been playing the guitar for 40 years and teaching for over 20. We can be creative right from our first lesson.

I am very keen on teaching correct technique so that you can get your hands and fingers in the right place at the right time!

Guitar tuition We can study the music of any popular artist and learn to follow chord charts, songbooks, and decipher music downloaded from the internet.

I am open to teaching and learning any genre – it’s all music to me !

I teach lots of people who have played for a while, but have missed out on learning essential techniques and knowledge of the instrument, so we go back to the beginning so they can get a complete picture of the guitar and music in general.

After the first couple of sessions I knew he was a good teacher – he gave me hints and tips which improved my technical skills very quickly. We spent 10 hours of lessons learning about jazz guitar and applying this to other songs. Phil always likes to keep things fresh and the best thing about him is his commitment to the musical side of things. He’s not afraid to take you over to the piano if needs be in order to demonstrate why, for example, it’s called a minor 3rd.

I noticed a huge improvement. I now feel more confident with strumming, fingerpicking, jazz chords and progressions; we even fine tuned some songs which I already had learnt. Phil’s versatile, easy to get along with and he tells it as it is. I’d recommend him for any beginner or intermediate who wish to improve their guitar skills.

Pedram – guitar student

  • Learn to play your favourite music from songbooks, sheet music or recordings.
  • Develop musical awareness and confidence with lead guitar, strumming and finger-picking.
  • Learn essential theory and what to do with it.
  • Learn to improvise and make your own music
  • Feel inspired and motivated to practise !

I have been playing guitar for 35 years and it is my first instrument. I am open to all genres of music.

Beginners: learn the correct basic techniques and fundamental knowledge of the instrument. You can be creative and compose your own songs & music right from the very first lesson !

Improvers: polish your unique skills and style, correct bad habits, expand your repertoire and fill in gaps in your knowledge which are holding you back. Progress as fast as you want !

Experienced players: get positive encouragement, feedback, inspiration and a new perspective. I listen to where you’re at and offer insights and support.

Singing & playing together
A rhythm, concentration and co-ordination challenge !
Anyone can do it with the 3 P’s: patience, perseverance, and practice.
Head for the stage or learn just for fun !

Some details…

  • Every lesson I give is different and ‘student-centred’ i.e. based around your level of experience, learning needs and interests. If you’re not sure what you need in terms of tuition, we can start a journey of discovery to find out !
  • We can also use the piano, percussion and recording equipment as part of the lesson.
  • I can accompany you on guitar, piano or percussion
  • I’ll teach anyone who wants to learn, ages 5 – 80 !!
  • Please contact me for rates and special offers. Discounts for committed students.
  • Lessons take place in Poets Corner, off the Portland Rd, Hove, E. Sussex BN3 5HA.