Music Doctor’s Surgery – London


For dates, venue and booking, please join the Meetup group:

This exploratory group is aimed at people who would like to study and play music in a friendly supportive group:

  • beginners to intermediate level aspiring musicians and vocalists
  • people who used to play or have a dusty old guitar on top of the wardrobe, neglected for years !
  • more experienced musicians, who can benefit from the group process, the social benefits of mingling with other muses, and a safe space to share your music, inspire others, and be inspired

I’m aiming to create a new flexible learning community geared to your needs and interests. Sessions will comprise:

Tuition, focussing on individual needs e.g.

  • Voice: building confidence / voice production / creating melodies
  • basic guitar / keyboard / rhythm skills
  • improvisation and intuitive musicianship

Group improvisation with voices and instruments using different starting points, to develop songwriting, composing and arranging skills. I have a digital recorder to record any magical music that happens. I propose that copyright would be jointly owned by all members playing, if that is a concern.

While individual tuition gives you focused attention, group learning is sociable, cheaper, and you can learn from each other, meet playmates and have fun !

I’m an experienced professional music tutor, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter and I call myself the Music Doctor. I teach singing, voicework, guitar, piano, percussion, songwriting, general and rhythm musicianship and offer support with your creative process. I’m trained in Music Education and Music Workshop facilitation and I’m currently studying for an MA in Community Arts.

Students come to me with a variety of musical ailments ranging from lack of confidence to difficulty in getting hands and fingers in the right place at the right time … or a desire to compose, write lyrics, understand music or just improve…. I’m a supportive, patient, flexible teacher, very much focused on what the student wants and needs to learn.

Look forward to playing with you soon

Music Doc