Music Workshops

The Music Experience

A workshop which enables everyone to get into music ! learn the basics in a fun, sociable way !
An inspiring journey where the learning process and quality of group interaction are just as important the end product. Especially for those with no experience, those  who ‘play a bit’, used to play at school, sing in the bath, or have a dusty instrument in the attic ! It will also be enjoyed by musicians with more experience who miss the social element of music-making. Bring your sense of fun and willingness to let go into creative self-expression !
THE MUSIC EXPERIENCE is about learning and participation. Interactive group processes will tempt you out of your musical shell… percussion ensembles, vocal posses, singing & playing, exploring moods, colours and textures with instruments, plus time to share your feelings and experiences. A supportive space to build your confidence, let go of fear and inhibitions and expand your awareness of yourself, sound, voice, rhythm and music.
Instruments provided, and please bring any of your own if you have them.

Sound Music Magic

An exploration of vocal & instrumental improvisation and self – expression. Get out of your mind and into your music !

A playshop for people who already play instruments, as well as those who have less experience but have a free and positive attitude to music. A fun, inspiring and stimulating and supportive space to experience the joy and healing power of self–expression using sound, voice, rhythm and music.

Using sound, silence, voices, drums, percussion and other instruments, we shall create improvised music within well-defined yet flexible musical boundaries. An opportunity to exercise your creativity, sensitivity and imagination – discover your own music, within boundaries which are challenging yet safe.

‘Sound Music Magic’ explores a hundred ways to make music and provides an opportunity to discover, express and communicate different parts of ourselves in flowing waves of sound and dynamics of group energy.

Create magical, spontaneous soundscapes, musical and vocal happenings – gently flowing journeys of subtly, suddenly, beautifully changing moods and textures, silence, stillness & wonder…

The Art of Music – with Sue Goode and Philip Milburn

A playshop which explores the creative and therapeutic relationship between improvised music and visual art.  A sociable day of fun, relaxation and self-expression.

Every person and their creativity is unique. This playshop is an opportunity to journey into yourself, to allow unconscious thoughts and feelings to emerge, and to identify and release judgements and creative blocks. Then, feeling supported by a healing group process, you can discover your own unique musical, vocal and artistic skills and expression.

You don’t need to call yourself a singer, musician, artist or painter to enjoy this workshop. It’s open to anyone, including complete beginners. Just be willing to discover and explore your natural musicianship and artistic creativity ! Anyone can do it and you can’t get it wrong !

We shall….

  • Create intuitive, spontaneous sound and music using voices and easy-to-play instruments
  • Respond artfully as we play, and also record the music and respond while we play it back
  • Allow the music that we create to inspire images, patterns, textures and colourful expressions of the inner sounds that we hear and feel. A range of art materials and techniques will be used.
  • Meet other musical artists, inspire & encourage each other, learn new skills and build confidence
  • Explore different starting points, then travel on creative journeys together
  • Your visual expressions of sound & music are yours to take home !

Come and explore the art of music … and the music of art

Art materials & instruments provided. Feel free to bring instruments if you have them.
This workshop would be suitable for CPD hours for professional practitioners. Contacts:
  07966 536180
Sue:    07904 091763         

About the tutors

Philip Milburn is a gifted music tutor, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, percussionist, songwriter & community musician. He has been facilitating voice and music workshops for over 14 years in London and Brighton. He has trained in Jazz & Popular Musicianship, Music Workshops Skills and Music Education and an MA in Participatory & Community Arts at Goldsmiths College.

Sue Goode is an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor, artist and musician with a lifelong love of creating art. She works on commissions, taught for 12 + years in adult education, and has written national OCN qualifications in art and craft  based subjects. In her therapy practice, she works holistically, acknowledging the whole person – mind, emotions, body and spirit – while encouraging expression and stress management via creativity.


Writing, performing and musicianship, for musicians & songwriters of all levels. A safe, supportive space to develop your talent.

Learn about song structure, lyric writing and the elements of songwriting in different styles,.

Practise creating ideas through intuitive, spontaneous singing & playing; begin turning ideas into songs & compositions. Get inspired !

Develop  essential personal qualities: patience, perseverance, self-discipline, concentration, self-confidence and the courage to perform.

Perform your song babies – get feedback and encouragement from the tutor and the group.

Explore your creative process. Identify blocks and what you need to reach your goals.

Expand  your  musical knowledge:

  • Rhythm musicianship: beat, rhythm,
  • General musicianship: harmony & theory.
  • Singing musicianship: free the musical voice to improvise and create melodies; vocal phrasing; singing and playing together in time.
  • Arranging: the basics, for different instruments.