Voice Playshop

A safe, informal group which uses sound, voice and song to build community, have fun, develop vocal awareness and explore the joy and freedom of vocal expression. Open to all levels of experience, it’s about participation in a group rather than individual performance. Uncertain singers can remain anonymous if they want to, while the more experienced are inspired by the group vibe and are free to express themselves with confidence !

We do stretching and breathing exercises to relax the body, vocal warm-ups to develop technique and flexibility; free improvisation to de-stress and express our feelings; toning, sound meditations and chants from around the world to connect us, and harmony singing across genres and eras. It’s energising, calming, inspiring, fun, beautiful and uplifting ! A rich mix of creative sound that will leave you feeling relaxed, energised and uplifted, with mind and body at peace.

The Voice Playshop is about more than singing & voicework; It’s an opportunity to learn about energy, creativity, communication and surrendering to spontaneous musical interactions; it’s about using your voice as a tool for personal growth and creative self-expression. Each individual voice contributes to the whole sound community, creating a healing vocal workout for mind, body and spirit.