Voice workshops

The Voice Experience

A deep, fun day of vocal self-expression. Sing, vocalise, chant, improvise, express, communicate ! A playshop for all levels of experience.

The aim of this day is to give you an experience of the many different aspects of your voice and to help you to expand your capacity for self-expression.

The voice is a complex and multi-faceted instrument, involving our whole being – mind, body and spirit – and the day will bring all of these aspects together.

We shall work with:

  • the breath as the starting point for all vocal sound
  • your physical energy and stamina which are needed for extended improvisations
  • your confidence to sing out and vocalise your feelings
  • your willingness to communicate and connect with others
  • your level of concentration and  listening to yourself and the group as a whole.

There will be many opportunities for intuitive and creative vocal expression, including toning and improvisation using free sound.

You will learn about some aspects of music as it relates to the voice (e.g. basic theory and ear training) and be introduced to a broad view of vocal technique. And we shall, of course, sing !

The repertoire could be anything from the past 50 years of popular music or from any country in the world. Songs will be chosen in order to teach a certain aspect of vocal technique or to challenge you to develop a particular area of vocal statement.


Sing the World

There is so much music in the world… it’s almost infinite ! We listen toof it on CD’s, TV and radio and watch others perform it. We are nearly always the audience, silently listening and appreciating, then applauding… and purchasing. But how often do you participate in creating it ? How often have you involved all of your senses in feeling the music of the world ?

Come and experience an amazing variety of world musical styles via your own statement. Your breath is the fuel that vibrates your vocal mechanism; your body the resonator which amplifies the sound; your mind is exercised by concentration on creating the words and syllables of a multitude of cultures; your energy mingles with others of like mind in interactive group processes and your feelings and your spirit can be healed by the whole vocal experience.

Come and express your many selves through the musics of the world. From uplifting multi-part harmony songs from Africa, to earthy, trance-like Native American chants, beautiful lullabies, rousing joyful Gospel songs, to deeply spiritual Indian chants…. to songs in languages you would never dream of speaking… ! And songs in English ! Sing the World will take you on a unique musical journey around the globe in one afternoon !

It’s fun and it’s very healthy !